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Katerina Neynska  Author of children's books
About Me and my writing

I am from Sofia, Bulgaria, and was born in 1983. I went to a French language high school and continued my education, studying Visual arts, Advertising and Marketing. I did my master’s degree at the University of Westminster in London where I also worked as a front-of-house usher at West End theatres and concert halls.

There are many classical musicians in my family: my granddad was a prominent viola professor, while my grandmother played viola in the Sofia Opera; it was her who taught me to read when I was only four and a half. I wrote my first little poem when I was nine and since then I’m constantly developing my writing and experimenting with different styles. Lately, I am focused on fairy tales and fantasy/sci-fi short stories, whilst my job as a copywriter in an advertising agency is an everyday practice of concise and catchy writing.

Not long after I became a mother, ideas about cool creatures and adventures started “falling to me from the sky”. This is how “Fenn and Bibbit in the Fairytale Forest” was born. The book is nominated for the Magic Pearl National Children’s Choice Award 2020 and with it I’m also part of a National initiative for promoting children’s reading. I started to write its second part but meanwhile... I wrote a whole new book for kids about the same age (6+)! It’s an urban fairytale and it’s going to come out till the end of 2020. I also plan to publish 12 of my fantasy/sci-fi short stories (those from my website), illustrated by 6 different artists – friends of mine.

What else?

I adore my parents and my husband. I love change and travel, since I’m in constant search of inspiration. And my son is truly my biggest inspiration – my books were born thanks to him. It would be great if you wish to discuss them or… anything :) Contact me by mail, on Facebook or Instagram.

My website is still under construction, in the meantime you can check out my new book:

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